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Friday, August 28, 2015

Out on a Limb

This is a sculpture I finished a couple of weeks ago.  The circles are from hub caps wired together and a piece of rusted metal.  The little man is nails melted together from the kiln at South County.  I call this Out on a Limb.

This is a close up of the little man.

Friday, August 21, 2015

What is Next?

Now that I am more or less finished with my landscape picture and another assemblage piece, that means I need a new project.  All that will be put on hold for now as I signed up to work for the next six days.  That means no studio time for a while.

I don't recall posting this.  The body is made from found rusty parts on my walks for coffee.  The headdress is from a car part and the arm and necklace comes from Mexico which I have had for a number of years.

Here is something I started a while ago.  It was a book end and I wired sticks onto it and there it sat until recently.  A friend gave me the face and I sifted thru my rusty parts collection.  I got some small stones from Michaels and glued them on with clear caulk.  I can't wait to use this stone thing again.  I do have another book end so it is half done.

Of course it needed to be two sided.  The little yellow face was one of my more successful resin results.

So I am thinking that this might be my next project.  I got the head for 10 cents and the green vase from the Salvation Army and turned it upside down.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


I finished up on a 20 x 26 painting that I hope will be dry enough for the Attleboro art auction.  At least I hope it is the right size for a frame that I have been holding onto.  This was my first attempt using those silicon painting spatulas (I forget what to call them) because I wanted to be more abstract and loose but I'm not sure I accomplished that.  I also think these things are for right handed people but I was told just to flip them over.  I think it is just me.

Here is where I started.  I thought the tree in the background was a little too green so I decided to knock it back a bit.I also wanted to give it a little more color so I brightened up the yellows.  

And viola! The finished piece.  I am going to leave it alone for a few days and we'll see what happens.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

New/Old Work

I finally got around to photographing some finished work.

This is a bowl that I fished out of the trash because one of my studio mates did not like it for some reason.  I can't figure out why so I rescued it.  I painted it with considerable assistance from a friend but of course I overdid it with the red.

This is one of the pieces that came out of the large image transfer class.  It is a photo from the Chincoteague workshop and if you look closely you can see some collage elements. I added the birds to cover up the spots where I rubbed holes in the transfer.  It is about 40 x 28 and it hangs over my sofa for the time being.

This is the last piece from the transfer class.  I was quite pleased with myself until I realized that I flipped one of the panels and I had a hole in the koi's head where I didn't adhere the transfer so well.  I pulled out my trusty water soluble oil pastels and made him a new flipper and filled in the hole in his head and his side.  Not a bad patch job.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Road Trip

I took a road trip to Sandwich on the Cape to see the Wyeth exhibit at the Heritage Museum and Gardens.  They had art from NC, Andrew and Jamie.  The watercolors were amazing and I really liked Jamie's seagulls.  I have never been there so it was quite a treat and the gardens were beautiful.  We were not able to take photos of the paintings but I took a few pictures of the grounds.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Summer and the Flying Time

I can't keep track of the flying time.  Summer is too short.  Cashmere sweaters and winter coats are already hitting the stores but I managed to score a Kate Spade bathing suit top for $12 which includes my employee discount.  It originally sold for $128.  Seriously, how does anyone make money?

Time is running out for the photo contest at the Roger Williams Botanical Garden here in Providence.  They opened early this morning for contestants and it was so nice to be there when it was not oppressively hot for a change.  They will also open early on Monday which is a state holiday celebrating VJ Day.  How many states do that?

I was pleased with some of my photos.  Apparently the bees get up early too and I finally got some decent photos of the koi which reside there.