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Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer's End

Summer is ending all too soon.  The weather has been spectacular and I have been just enjoying the day by sitting at an outside table with coffee.  I have also been hard at work in the studio with cold wax and getting ready for our member show.

Here are some finished small oils that I did while painting plein air.

This is 8 x 10 which I painted while we were at the Cape.

This is one of those 4 x10 ish canvases done with a pallet knife.  Quick and fun to do.

This is the same as above but I later added a light house.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wax Class

I wanted to post some pictures from my wax class.  It was great fun.  It was kind of like a combination of printmaking and encaustic.

This one is done.  8 x 10.  Better to leave well enough alone.  Less is more I keep telling myself.  I will put this in a left over frame but I have to change the frame color.

This is also done but I wondering if I should add a fairly large image like a Buddha or flowers.  I think it looks like one of those solar plate prints.  I couldn't resist adding some iridescent pan pastels, subtly of course.

This one has had many incarnations.  It has a lot of layers and texture but nothing to look at.    I plan on adding some kind of interest such as another color or something.  I find it helpful to see things through a camera.

More to come!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

New Work

I had the studio all to myself one day and I decided to bust out the encaustics since I hadn't done that for a long time.  I wanted to try some wax paintings and here is what I did.  These are no where near done.

These are on 8 x 8 water color papers and it was kind of fun painting on the hot surface with paint sticks.  I don't know where these are going yet.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Fleeting Summer

Judging by my last post, I would say summer is going by too fast.  I just came back from spending two days on the Cape with some artist friends where we had the most relaxing time watching the water and chatting about everything.  We did manage to do some plein air painting.  Those little gems need some tweaking but here is the finished product of my last painting:

I think it is done.  I am looking forward to Friday and Saturday when I am taking a cold wax work shop with Linda Benton McCloskey.