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Sunday, August 16, 2015

New/Old Work

I finally got around to photographing some finished work.

This is a bowl that I fished out of the trash because one of my studio mates did not like it for some reason.  I can't figure out why so I rescued it.  I painted it with considerable assistance from a friend but of course I overdid it with the red.

This is one of the pieces that came out of the large image transfer class.  It is a photo from the Chincoteague workshop and if you look closely you can see some collage elements. I added the birds to cover up the spots where I rubbed holes in the transfer.  It is about 40 x 28 and it hangs over my sofa for the time being.

This is the last piece from the transfer class.  I was quite pleased with myself until I realized that I flipped one of the panels and I had a hole in the koi's head where I didn't adhere the transfer so well.  I pulled out my trusty water soluble oil pastels and made him a new flipper and filled in the hole in his head and his side.  Not a bad patch job.

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