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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Summer and the Flying Time

I can't keep track of the flying time.  Summer is too short.  Cashmere sweaters and winter coats are already hitting the stores but I managed to score a Kate Spade bathing suit top for $12 which includes my employee discount.  It originally sold for $128.  Seriously, how does anyone make money?

Time is running out for the photo contest at the Roger Williams Botanical Garden here in Providence.  They opened early this morning for contestants and it was so nice to be there when it was not oppressively hot for a change.  They will also open early on Monday which is a state holiday celebrating VJ Day.  How many states do that?

I was pleased with some of my photos.  Apparently the bees get up early too and I finally got some decent photos of the koi which reside there.

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