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Monday, October 3, 2016

Deer and Me

I pestered my son in law's brother for a deer head.  Last year he got a deer and we buried the head along with the hide about a year ago.  We dug it up just three weeks of a year and it was pretty amazing.  The hide was completely gone and the head came out in three pieces.  We hosed out some white gunk which I later found out via the internet that is was grave wax, undecomposed brain matter.  Yuk.

Anyway, I liked the color of the bone even tho they are traditionally whitened.  I was going to leave it as is but it was really smelly.  A hydrogen peroxide bath did not help so I decided to do the boil method.  I boiled it too much and it fell apart.  I have spent several hours trying to put it back together.  So far, no luck.

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