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Thursday, September 15, 2016

September Flying By

September is one of those months that seem to disappear too quickly.  There is always something to do and this year is no exception.  

I am taking a class on how to put together a portfolio of my photographs which causes me to have to actually think about them and what it is I have to say.  The truth of the matter is, I have no deep thoughts and I have nothing particular in mind when I press the shutter.  As for subject matter, I am where I am and whatever catches my eye is what I take.  I will never voluntarily get up early to take sunrises but I will take a sunset and last night's was beautiful.  Unfortunately I was driving home from work so that didn't happen.

A lot of times I only take one or two photos of something when I should have taken more but these seem to be all I need.  I like taking pictures of critters but they are not Audubon quality.  For that I need better equipment, better post production, and more time.  And for now, I have resisted the Photoshop and the Lightroom routes and I have been using the humble IPhoto that comes with the Mac.

Anyway, here are a few recent examples where I should have taken more.

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