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Friday, May 13, 2016

Progression of WorkI

I thought I would go step by step on how my latest piece came to be.  I started off with a layer of collage and some gray paint.  I used some pattern pieces, tissue and some hand made paper.  As an afterthought I put some red paint from the top of the tube and then used a small brayer to smear some of it around.

This is actually step 3 because I had painted over the whole thing with transparent yellow oxide and I kind of liked it.  I wanted to get out of my usual thing by making waves with black, white, more gray, burnt sienna and some ugly brown paint.


I wanted to get rid of that ugly brown paint so I covered everything over with white and then softened it with a paper towel and water.

This became the final version but the thing I like best about working with paper is that you don't have to like all of it.

This is the final version.  I cropped out the right hand side and I am saving cropped ends of papers for some future project.

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