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Friday, March 18, 2016

More Patterning

I am really getting into this patterns thing.  Since I have enough patterns to wallpaper a decent sized room, the ideas for projects just keep coming.  I wanted to do a 2D project and I came up with two ideas.

This was my original idea.  This is a dress pattern for a rabbit doll glued into an 18 x 24 sheet of heavy drawing paper.  The background is red papers collaged into the drawing paper and then the whole thing was coated with soft gel gloss medium.  I am loving the stuff.  I had a tube of it for years but I have managed to blow halfway through an 8oz jar in about three weeks.  I will need to get a frame for this.

This was my PlanB.  I just collaged more dress patterns over a child's dress found at the Salvation Army.  I plan on mounting it onto a canvas with some glue, needle and thread.

Stay tuned for the Big Reveal.

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