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Sunday, January 17, 2016

A New Revelation

I realized something the other day.  What I realized was if you did not like a painting and decided to recycle it by painting over it, the painting will retain its original character.  In other words it wants to remain ugly and unappealing.  The resulting make over will be a long, painful and frustrating struggle to change its attitude and become beautiful if it is even possible.  So when do you give up or not?

I came upon this discovery when I did a makeover on a wood panel which wasn't too bad to begin with but I just wanted it to be more.  A few new colors later, and voila! a new work that i am very happy with.

Fast forward to an 18 x 24 canvas which was discarded by one of my studio mates.  Yes, I pick trash.  But let me tell you, this was not an easy fix and it wasn't even my work!  I repainted at least 5 times and today I finally have something worth keeping.  I guess it was worth the struggle but I am glad it is almost done.

I began by asking the canvas what it wanted to be.  I didn't hear anything so I decided  to make it a bouquet of flowers even though I don't paint flowers.  It has become abstract/impressionist  or something like that.

Sorry, no pictures. Still the camera thing.  I don't know how to send pictures from my phone to the blog.

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