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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Winter of No End

Will there ever be an end to this winter?  Doesn't look like it - there is snow predicted for the first day of spring.  And to make matters worse, it is COLD.  

But don't get me started on the pot holes.  Rhode Island is not known for a smooth ride but with this past winter, the pot holes are man-eaters.  And apparently, my car does not like to wear hub caps.  I have lost two, one that I found earlier to replace a lost one and the only one that matched.  I did find two but one didn't fit at all and the other almost fit but fell off in the garage.  I'm thinking that once hubcaps get a taste of freedom, you just have to let them roll away.

Despite all of this, I did manage to get in a few studio days and I finished a memory jug to be entered into Attleboro's national juried show at the end of May.

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