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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Street Treasures

I wanted to share some objects I found on the street as I was walking to my favorite coffee shop on a recent very cold day.

These are pieces of a traffic cone

I think the back side is more interesting

Here are my real treasures

The large circle is from an errant hubcap.  I now have quite a collection.  There are also a couple of bolts,  random pieces of metal and a large washer.  When I picked that up I felt like I had found gold.  Now the white thing is a piece of plastic which my studio mates told me came from a urinal but the bigger question is how did it get onto the street.  I really washed my hands after that bit of information.

Do you believe it has been snowing all day?  Just that annoying kind that flies around and makes everything wet.  No accumulation however.

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