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Friday, May 30, 2014

Last Painting Class

Well actually we didn't paint at all because it was cold and rainy.  The wind was fierce so we took a short walking tour around Wickford to scout out some future locations.

Wickford has some very old and well kept houses.  Some date from the 1700's and there is a harbor.  We will definitely come back if summer ever comes.

But here is what I entered for the Warwick Art Museum themed juried show, the art of the car.

Pussy Cat Prius

I found the head in the middle of a crosswalk and the body came off a Prius, given to me by my friend Laura.  She also gave me the piece for the nose.  I love it when people find things for me.  The tail was a metal circle, from a hub cap I think that I bent in half.  The ears came from a cup cake tray given to me by Robin and the top of the head is something I found on the street.  The problem, I have discovered, with spring is the streets get swept and there is not a lot to be found.

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